No DSTV Support due to strike.

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DStv subscribers continue to struggle with support because of system downtime, which may be aggravated by the MultiChoice Strike which started today. (23 August 2019)

Users who are trying to access support via DStv’s traditional channels are being informed that the company’s service centre and call centre systems are down.

Call centre agents confirmed that they cannot assist DStv subscribers with any queries because of the system downtime.

The system downtime also affects walk-in customer care centres, which cannot help clients with a range of problems.

DStv subscribers are advised to use the DStv App to try to resolve their account and technical problems.

MultiChoice strike action

The DStv support system downtime, which started on Wednesday, is aggravated by strike action against MultiChoice.

The Information Communication Technology Union (ICTU) announced a “first historic” nationwide strike, which started today, to protest against job cuts at MultiChoice.

It is understood that MultiChoice call centre and support staff across South Africa downed tools after voting in favour of a strike.

“This strike comes at the time when MultiChoice has deployed new integrated billing systems on 21 August and it is experiencing its own failures,” the ICTU said.

“It is expected that the strike action will be adding fuel to the fire,” the union added.

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