DStv standalone streaming service – How it works and what it will cost

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MultiChoice has launched a number of new products, including a standalone streaming service that will allow customers to watch all the content available on their full DStv bouquet without a satellite connection.

The company made the announcement during its DStv showcase on Wednesday 19 August.

It also announced the launch of a new Explora Ultra decoder and a Streama set-top box, both of which include support for third-party streaming services.

MultiChoice previously stated that it had signed a deal to include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video’s applications on its platform.

These services were planned to be included within the DStv Explora Ultra’s content selection.

However, the deal is under investigation by the Competition Commission and these services were not mentioned during the announcement of the new decoder.

The newly-launched DStv standalone streaming service will be accessible through the DStv app across a variety of platforms, and new customers will be able to sign up for this service with no satellite connection necessary.

To find out more about the service will work in South Africa and how much it will cost, MyBroadband spoke to MultiChoice South Africa CEO Mark Rayner.

What it will cost

Rayner said that customers should not view the standalone streaming service offered by DStv as a separate product.

This is because accessible via the same account and is subsequently priced identically to the satellite DStv service.

“What we are trying to achieve is one set of products on multiple devices. There is not a new pricing tier for DStv if it is streamed,” Rayner said.

“You still buy Premium, Compact, Access, etc., depending on what your budget allows, but you just choose your access method.”

DStv’s currently-available packages are priced as follows on a monthly basis:

  • DStv Premium – R809
  • DStv Compact Plus – R519
  • DStv Compact – R399
  • DStv Family – R265
  • DStv Access – R105
  • DStv EasyView – R29

Rayner said that MultiChoice did not want to confuse its offerings following the launch of Showmax Pro, a version of Showmax which offers limited live sports in addition to series and movies.

“Strategically, we have Showmax in our stable and we have now launched Showmax Pro, so you already have two product sets with different pricing options and slightly different content offerings,” he said.

“We felt we would create greater brand and customer confusion if we overdid the number of price points and options.”

How it works

Rayner told MyBroadband that once DStv’s streaming-only offering is launched commercially, there will be an ecommerce-like sign-up process which asks customers to choose between a satellite or streaming offering.

The same account is eligible for either content delivery medium, however.

“You’ve got DStv – what you watch it on is really up to you and your connectivity preferences,” Rayner said. “One subscription for all platforms.”

“Once we launch the product commercially, you will sign up online and will be taken through a purchase process which asks you to choose between a satellite dish and streaming.”

There is currently no confirmed launch date for these new offerings announced by MultiChoice, but Rayner said that the company expects to roll out the new products over the next few months.

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