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Satellite Installations for the Home

Mr Satellite specializes in home satellite installation solutions,

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone David on 0832615290 for a free quote or consultation

Single view DSTV installations

EXPLORA DSTV HDPVR installations

Extra-view DSTV installations

Multi room satellite control points

Distribute High Definition picture quality to multiple rooms

We are based in Lakeside (Tokai) and install in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town.

We are Multi Choice  Accredited and have been in the industry for over 18 years.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone David on 0832615290 for a free quote or consultation


We can now install 3 DSTV decoders in Extra view

MultiChoice has now made it possible for customers to watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time. DStv customers can now connect three decoders using MultiChoice’s XtraView service.

The good news is you only pay one subscription fee plus an R85 Access Fee for each XtraView connection (so two x R85).

DStv customers must use a DStv Explora decoder as their primary decoder, and then link any combination of DStv Exploras or Single View DStv HD decoders (latest model only) in this three decoder arrangement.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone David on 0832615290 for a free quote or consultation

Connect three decoders


Multi Choice has successfully launched a new co-located satellite. This satellite has dramatically increased the space available for more content.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone David on 0832615290 for a free quote or consultation


Connect your Explora Decoders to the internet and if you are a premium subscriber you will be able to stream SHOWMAX via your Explora decoders FOR FREE.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone David on 0832615290 for a free quote or consultation



Premium DSTV customers can now, use their smartphone or tablet, to watch more than 60 live DStv channels,

DSTV Premium customers can also download series and movies,

including the M-Net Movie Collection. This offers 1,000 movies that are updated weekly.

Live streaming from SuperSport channels is also supported.

Other features of DStv Now include:

  • Search the TV guide.
  • Set remote recordings on an Internet-connected Explora decoder.
  • View DStv statements and balance.
  • Clear errors on your decoder.

The DStv Now app is available for iOS and Android. It is also available online at www.now.dstv.com

DSTV NOW is also now available on some latest model Samsung smart TV’s

DSTV NOW is also available on  later model APPLE TV boxes.

Let Mr Satellite help you with all your DSTV requirements,

We specialize in DSTV for your home.

WIFI & Audio streaming around your home, now you can enjoy your music where ever you are in or around your home.

Home theatre solutions from a small lifestyle system to a full blown entertainment room experience.

Larger installations for blocks of flats or a town house complex also available.

Mr satellite is based in Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Contact me David Shadford owner of Mr Satellite on 0832615290 for all your installation requirements.



Have a brilliant prosperous day on purpose!



DStv offers DStv Premium, Compact Plus or Compact customers JOOX VIP MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE at no extra cost with their current subscription.

Wondering what JOOX is about?
JOOX is a music streaming App that gives you access to thousands of music libraries and playlists on your iOS or Android mobile device. Whether you’re looking for a playlist while out on a run or need a Sunday chilled vibe, there’s a song for every mood.
DStv account holders with an active DStv Premium, Compact Plus or Compact subscription get free VIP access to JOOX – and you can add up to 4 family members! This is all valued at R89.99 per month, but now it’s all yours for FREE!
DStv Family, Access and EasyView customers can also log in to the free JOOX service directly on the JOOX App but won’t get access to the free VIP services offered by DStv.
JOOX lets you access millions of tracks, switch to karaoke mode and learn the lyrics of your favourite songs (you can also sing-along) as well as create and share playlists.

Interested? Keep reading!
The JOOX VIP access will let you have your own background music or life theme song all day, every day. Some of the exclusive JOOX VIP user benefits include:
Forget the free trial – get the JOOX VIP music streaming app for FREE for you and 4 of your family and listen to non-stop music at your leisure or on the go!
Exclusive to DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers!
Local music with exclusive playlists
Playlists for local events and music festivals
Karaoke – sing along!

How to get the DStv and JOOX VIP access offer?
Step 1: Download the JOOX app from your app store and sign up (skip this step if you already have the app)
Step 2: Tap your profile image (on top left), select JOOX VIP and then select DStv Customer
Step 3: Enter the ID number of the DStv account holder
*we’ll send a one-time pin (OTP) to the phone number we have registered on your account*
Step 4: Enter the OTP
That’s it – you’re ready to rock ‘n roll, samba or vosho – whatever your music style!

How to add friends and family so that they can also get the JOOX VIP experience?
Once you’ve signed up to be a JOOX VIP member, you can add 4 family members
Step 1: They will need to download the JOOX app from their app store and sign up (if they already have JOOX, they can skip this step)
Step 2: Tap on their profile image (on top left), select JOOX VIP and then DStv Customer
Step 3: Select Family Member
Step 4: Now they need to enter your mobile number
*we’ll send a one-time pin (OTP) to your phone number – you’ll need to forward that OTP to your friend*
Step 5: They enter the OTP
That’s it! They are now a JOOX VIP member!
Note: if you go into your JOOX VIP profile (tap on your profile image, select JOOX VIP and sign in), you’ll see their name listed as an active member.

Mr Satellite 0832615290 for all your DSTV, Home Theatre, WIFI, Music streaming requirements.

Mr Satellite is based Southern Suburbs Cape Town.


NETFLIX, SHOWMAX and Amazon Prime are the  most popular online streaming services in South Africa,  offering a VAST catalog of series and movies on demand. www.netflix.com and www.showmax.com  www.primevideo.com/ for more information.

What can I watch NETFLIX, SHOWMAX  or Amazon prime on?


Netflix and  Showmax and Amozone Prime are available on most Samsung smart TV’s

On Windows computers

On iPads and android devices

NETFLIX and AMAZONE PRIME is available on Apple TV (which is a small black console that attaches to your TV)

So what do you do if you do not have a smart TV but you want to watch NETFLIX on the TV.

First your TV must be high definition and have a HDMI port.

Then you can add an apple TV box, and then watch NETFLIX through the apple TV.

If you have an Explora DSTV decoder you can connect it to the internet and watch SHOWMAX through the decoder.

What Internet speed do I need?

The media says a 4 Meg line is fine, but I disagree, if you want a decent sharp image you should have a 10 meg line or faster, remember a 10 meg line won’t always actually give you 10 meg, go to www.speedtest.net/ and do a speed test, as long as you are getting 5 meg or over actual download speed you should be fine.

How much data do I need?

Well that depends on how much streaming you do.

The other month I binge watched and I reached 100 gig in the third week of the month, I’m with Telkom so I just topped up and I was fine again, Data is constantly coming down in price, so just top up when you reach your cap.

How much does it cost?

SHOWMAX  basic package costs just over R100 per month (at time of writing) BUT IS FREE VIA YOUR EXPLORA DECODER if you are a premium subscriber.

NETFLIX depends on how many devices you want to watch it on. NETFLIX price is determined in $ so it depends in the exchange rate but less than R200

Amazone prime is $3 per month

How can Mr Satellite help.

First you need to ensure that you have internet of at least a 5 meg line, and then ensure that you are either uncapped or are in a position to use 20gig or more a month, phone Telkom or your internet service provider to ensure the above is in place as we cannot help you with this stage.

Once this in place the Mr Satellite can help in the following ways.

We can set up a simple internet connection to your Smart TV.

We can connect your Explora decoder to the internet (hard wire or wireless) and you can then watch SHOWMAX through the explora (requires SHOWMAX subscription.)

Or we can wire up your entire home, providing hard wired internet LAN points as well as WIFI access points as required.

The advantages of having a LAN and WIFI network are far greater than just being able to watch NETFLIX or SHOWMAX.

We pride ourselves on using quality cable and products and providing bespoke custom top class installations all done by professional installers.

Call me David Shadford on 0832615290 to discuss your requirements.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone 0832615290 for a free consultation


Customers with internet-connected DStv Exploras will be able to access ShowMax, a subscription video on demand service, which offers the biggest library of box sets of the best international and local TV series in Africa – let the binge watching begin!

While DStv offers the freshest local and international content directly from Hollywood, as well as live sport and news, through live television and DStv Catch Up; ShowMax offers complete box sets of previous seasons of series so customers can watch from the very first episode.

Mark Rayner, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa, explained the thinking behind adding ShowMax to the Explora: “Our customers have told us they would like to see the previous seasons of shows that are currently on DStv. Adding ShowMax to the DStv Explora puts the entire history of the best TV shows in one place for you to watch from the very beginning – you see the latest season on DStv, and can binge on previous seasons on ShowMax. For example, the latest season 6 of Game of Thrones is showing now on DStv and DStv Catch Up, whereas previous seasons 1-5 are available as box sets on ShowMax.”

The DStv Explora will now offer a richly varied and comprehensive video on demand experience, comprising of a movie rental service through BoxOffice, which offers the freshest blockbuster movies; an extensive Catch Up service (further enhanced when the Explora is connected to the internet); and a library of box sets from the ShowMax service. This gives DStv customers the freedom to watch what they want, when they are ready.

“The DStv Explora is our flagship decoder, manufactured entirely in South Africa. It was built with the future in mind and when we launched it, we committed to continuously push the innovation envelope and grow the functionality to enhance our customers’ viewing experience. Since its launch in 2013, the DStv Explora has been changing the way South Africans watch television. Adding ShowMax to the DStv Explora is an extension of this vision,” commented Mark.

Any DStv customer with an active DStv Explora can access ShowMax, regardless of which DStv package they have.

How to get ShowMax on your DStv Explora

The first thing you’ll need to do is connect your Explora to the internet, which can be done either by Ethernet cable or using our WiFi Connector. For more info, go to Connect your DStv Explora<http://www.dstv.com/topic/connect-your-dstv-explora-20151105>

The updated software to accommodate ShowMax will be rolled out to all active DStv Exploras over the next week.

Then you’ll need to sign up to ShowMax. Just go to ShowMax.com<http://www.showmax.com/eng/welcome/za> and sign up – you can even opt for a free trial to see if you like it before you commit.

ShowMax costs R99 per month. (FREE IF YOU ARE A DSTV PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER)  Payment is easy and can be done through PayPal, credit card payment or through your DStv account for greater convenience and uninterrupted viewing.

Please be aware though that because it’s streamed content, data usage charges will apply. A high data cap or uncapped data service (streaming at 4 Mbps or higher) is recommended

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone me David Shadford on 0832615290 for a free consultation


Amazon Prime Video is now available in South Africa, following its launch in over 200 countries.

“Customers can sign up for a Prime Video membership and enjoy popular new shows like The Grand Tour and award-winning Amazon Original Series including Mozart in the Jungle,” said Amazon.

Customers in new Prime Video territories can access the service for an introductory price of $2.99 per month for the first six months.

South Africa’s pricing is listed at $2.99 per month.

Prime Video can be watched through its app on Android and iOS, Fire Tablets, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, or online at PrimeVideo.com.

Users can also download all titles to mobile devices for offline viewing.

“Prime Video members can also control how much data they use when streaming and downloading video by choosing between Good, Better, and Best visual quality settings.”

Amazon Prime Video’s automated and machine learning systems will also select the best streaming configurations for a customer based on their device, location, and ISP, said the company.

Email mrsatellite@telkomsa.net or phone me David Shadford on 0832615290 for a free consultation

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Mr Satellite 0832615290 for all your DSTV, Home Theatre, WIFI, Music streaming requirements.

Mr Satellite is based Southern Suburbs Cape Town.


The best streaming options for South Africans

While South African consumers do not have the same options as their counterparts in the United States, there are many excellent streaming services available locally.

Here are the best streaming services available in South Africa, along with their prices and main value propositions.

Netflix – R99 to R169 per month

Netflix is the global streaming video leader, making it possible to stream movies and TV shows on your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and more.

It offers an excellent range of content – including critically-acclaimed original shows – in HD and UHD, and its apps are available on most popular devices.


Showmax – R99 per month

Showmax offers a wide range of international and local shows to South African consumers. It has by far the largest catalogue of Afrikaans series and films.

It is accessible across a wide range of devices, from TVs and computers to smartphones and tablets.

Amazon Prime Video – $2.99/$5.99 per month

Amazon Prime Video offers a great selection of movies and TV shows to subscribers, including several platform-exclusive Amazon Originals.

You can subscribe to Prime Video for $2.99 per month for your first six months, after which the usual price of $5.99 kicks in. Subscribers can cancel at any time.


Cell C Black – R99 per month

Black offers subscribers 40 live TV channels, including live sports, and a vast selection of movies and TV series to rent and stream through its online platform.

It also offers a number of daily, weekly, and monthly packages on custom content like football club TV channels.

Black by Cell C packaging

Vodacom Video Play – From R25 per month

Vodacom Video Play delivers a similar offering to Cell C’s Black streaming service.

Viewers can subscribe to access a wide selection of content, or they can rent individual movies and shows through the platform.

Mr Satellite 0832615290 for all your DSTV, Home Theatre, WIFI, Music streaming requirements.

Mr Satellite is based Southern Suburbs Cape Town.

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