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Ellies Adaptor 2X16A/2X5A + Surge

Ellies Adaptor 2X16A/2X5A + Surge

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Ellies: Medium surge protected adaptor has 2 Euro sockets and 2 x 3 (16A) Pin sockets, converting your single 3 pin plug point into multiple sockets.
Ideal for use when multiple sockets are required.

Protects up to 6500 amps on live and neutral
Provides power and protection for up to 4 appliances
Overload protected
Safety shuttered for your protection
Medium surge protection
Conforms to all South African National Standard


Colour: White
Voltage: 250V
Amps: 16A
Max total combined surge current(Amps): 16 000A
Max total combined surge energy (Joules): 458J
Protection component response time (nSec):

Read Instructions / Cautions before use.

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1 x Ellies Adaptor 2X16A/2X5A + Surge

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