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Ubiquiti UISP 5GHz 13dBi 90° Horn Antenna | Horn-5-90

Ubiquiti UISP 5GHz 13dBi 90° Horn Antenna | Horn-5-90

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Ubiquiti's AIR-H590 is a 5GHz 13dBi, 90° Asymmetrical Horn antenna featuring a modular design, naturally attenuated side lobes and extremely low back radiation. Unique beam performance and their great co-location characteristics allow for high-density deployments.

PS-5AC not included. 


Antenna Gain: 13dBi
Beam-width: 90°
Connector: Twist Port Connection
Frequency Range: 5.15 – 5.85GHz
Polarization: Vertical & Horizontal
Wind Loading: 46N @ 200km/h

Dimensions: 152.1 x 186.8 x 113.2mm
Weight: 920g

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Manufacturer Ubiquiti
Manufacturer Product Code Horn-5-90
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