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10 X Coach Screws Galvanized (65mm x 8mm) plus 10 X Wall Plugs combo.

10 X Coach Screws Galvanized (65mm x 8mm) plus 10 X Wall Plugs combo.

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10 Pack:
This product contains:
10 X Coach Screws
10 X Wall plugs

Coach Screws:
Bolt length: 65 mm
Screw thread diameter: 8 mm
Hex head 13mm (use 13 socket or spanner)

Wall Plugs:
Plug colour: Green
Drill diameter: 10 mm (use 10mm missionary drill bit.)
(Please note the wall plug instructions indicates 11mm hole size, however we at Mr Satellite find drilling a 10mm masonry hole, using a percussion masonry drill bit works best, this is our go to product, for all our satellite dish and TV mounting projects.)

Primary substrate: Masonry or brick
Material: Mild steel
Coating: Galvanized
Feature and Benefits
Can be used for heavy duty work, for example, putting up a TV arm, satellite dish or antenna.
Have a hexagonal head and, therefore, requires a 13 wrench or socket spanner to be tightened or unscrewed.
Manufactured from mild steel.
The galvanizing coating gives it protection against rust.
Coach screws have broad heads, preventing them from pulling into the wood or masonry substrate.
The deep coarse thread easily holds onto the wall plug, ensuring a secure installation.
Never over tighten coach screws as they can break off.

What's in the box
10 X Coach Screw
10 X Wall plug.


COACH 10pk

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