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Direct Plug-in Multi Plugtop - 2 way

Direct Plug-in Multi Plugtop - 2 way

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Consists of:

one plug top

Direct plug-in 2 way multi plug top.

(If earth is at the top this multi-plug plugs into the wall socket on the right and goes to the left.)

This multi plug creates the option to attach more than one appliance to a plug socket, but limits the total load to 16A.


- Multiplug
- Type: Direct Plug In Muti Plugtop

Suitable for appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers, small DIY machines, fans etc.

This plug is intended for household and office use only
This plug is for indoor use only
Please read instructions before use.

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1 x Direct Plug-in Multi Plugtop - 2 way

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