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Ellies High Surge Protection Adaptor

Ellies High Surge Protection Adaptor

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High Surge Protection

Max connected load: 3680W.

LED surge power light, shows surge secure when lit.

Protects two appliances only.

Manufactured with flame retardant materials.

Repair or Replace warranty terms and conditions apply.


- Protects your appliances against power surges
- Built in safety shutters acts as a preventative measure against children inserting fingers or objects into plug sockets
- SABS approved

Connectivity Specifications:

Smart Hub Compatability: None
HDMI Output: No
Optical Audio Input: No
Optical Audio Output: No
HDMI Cable Included: No
Wi-Fi Compatible: No
Wi-Fi Direct: No
DHCP Server: No
Adjustable Power Output: No
Auxiliary Audio Input: No
Auxiliary Audio Output: No
Auxilliary Handle: No
DHCP Client:No
Digital Audio Coaxial Output: No
DisplayPort: No
Dual Sim: No
Ethernet Port: No

System Requirements:

Operating System Compatibility: None

General Specifications:

Power Source: None
Power Output: 220 W
Socket Types: 2

What's in the box

1 x FBWPPE Surge Protection Adaptor and warranty form

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