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Ellies High Surge Protection Plug - FBWP

Ellies High Surge Protection Plug - FBWP

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High Surge Protection with R30 000 Manufacturer warranty.

Max connected load: 3680W.

Built-in mains checker, which indicates if there are possible wiring faults.

Protects one appliance only.

Manufactured with flame retardant materials.

Repair or Replace warranty terms and conditions apply.

Don't risk losing your valuable equipment through a surge, protect it with the Surge Safe Plug.
Lowest clamping voltage is 300 volts, (the voltage level at which the surge is stopped and is dropped to a safe level).
Where other surge protectors clamp between 700 and 800 volts. 6 stage Surge Protection.
3 MOV's and 3 Gas arrestors (Neon) Absorbs up to 16500 Amps on live and neutral and up to 13 000 Amps on earth.

Please note this product features a  R30,000 High Surge Protection warranty, this warranty is between yourselves and Ellies and Mr Satellite has nothing to do with this warranty.

In order to qualify for this Warranty a Warranty form which is included in the product needs to be filled in and activated, instructions, conditions and limitations are as per this warranty form.


- Insurance compliant.
- Tested to the highest South African standards
- Quicker reaction time ensures full protection from power surges.
- Surge Safe Plug has a built-in mains tester.
- Checks that the wiring in the wall socket is safe to use.
- Shows if the surge protector is working correctly.
- Protects 1 appliance only.


- 250V to 16A
- Dimension: 70mm x 145mm x 240mm
- Weight: 0.50kg

What's in the box

1 x FBWP Surge Protection Plugtop and warranty form

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