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EZ Pass-through: RJ45 Network Cable Crimp Tool: Cat5e / CAT6 / RJ45 /RJ11

EZ Pass-through: RJ45 Network Cable Crimp Tool: Cat5e / CAT6 / RJ45 /RJ11

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Works with both EZ pass-through connectors as well as standard RJ45 connectors (8P & 6P)
Professional Modular Crimper Pliers Tool.

It is designed for standard RJ45 connectors as well as the EZ Crimp range of pass-through modular plugs.
The RJ45 connectors allows you to push the eight strands of UTP cable through the connector and once crimped, the crimper cuts off any excess copper.
A solid and robust RJ45/RJ11 crimping, stripper and side cutter tool.

A great time saver, no more mismatched cable colours, crimp right the first time, every time.

- Crimp 6P Plug
- Crimp 8P Plug
- EZ pass-through 8P Plug
- Cable Stripping
- Cable Cutting
- Non-slip handles for stable grip
- Comfortable grip and comfort
- Metal / Rubber
- Precision Crimping: Expanded surface area on contact drivers delivers full uniform crimp force for fast, accurate crimping

- Ideal for pass-through EZ RJ45 connectors
- Gently squeeze the handle, and then push out the lock core to unlock
- Just put the cable into the wire stripping hole and peel off a certain length of the cable sheath
- Suitable for CAT.5e/6plugs
- Suitable for plug types: RJ45, CAT6a, CAT6, CAT5e, CAT5, CAT7, RJ12 -
- Suitable for termination, cutting, and stripping

- Color: Black And Yellow
- Package Dimensions: H: 22, L: 10, W: 3
- Package Weight: 0.35 (kg)
- Item Type: Network Plier
- Cutting function: Multi-Blade
- Tool type: Crimp Plier Tool
- Plier features: Cutting, Plier, Stripping
- Connector type: RJ45, CAT6a, CAT6, CAT5e, CAT5, CAT7, RJ12
- Full Length: Approx. 135mm / 5.3in
- Material: Steel / Rubber
- Crimping Capacity: 8P8C 6P6C (mm2)
- Clamp Handle Length: Approx. 139mm / 5.5in

What's in the box
1 x EZ RJ45 Network cable Crimp Tool

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