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High Surge Protection 8 Way Multi-plug

High Surge Protection 8 Way Multi-plug

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Max connected load: 3680W.

Built-in mains checker, which indicates if there are possible wiring faults.

Protects eight appliances only.

Overload reset button.

Illuminated ON and OFF switch.

Holes and screws for wall mounting.

0,5m cord.

Safety shuttered for your protection.

Manufactured with flame retardant materials.

Repair or Replace warranty terms and conditions apply.


- Provides power & protection for up to 8 appliances, including a convenient schuko socket
- New design- No single pin insertion
- Built-in home wiring tester
- Built-in safety shutters acts as a preventative measure against children inserting fingers or objects into plug sockets

Please note this product features a  R30,000 High Surge Protection warranty, this warranty is between yourselves and Ellies and Mr Satellite has nothing to do with this warranty.

In order to qualify for this Warranty a Warranty form which is included in the product needs to be filled in and activated, instructions, conditions and limitations are as per this warranty form.

What's in the box

1 x FBWP3 Surge Protection Multi-plug

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