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Linkbasic Cat6 Double Surface Mount Box. (Termination)

Linkbasic Cat6 Double Surface Mount Box. (Termination)

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Use Linkbasic's LB-SM4 surface mount box as you would use an outlet faceplate to cover and connect keystone connectors to the wall to make neat wiring for the house or office.

This box comes in a variety of styles including a 110 style punch down surface mount box. The surface mount boxes feature a compact, easy to install design.
Components can be installed into the base.

LB-KEY6 keystones are included with the box.


Compatibility: 22-26AWG
Design: 8 Conductors
Interface: 2x CAT6
Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic

For more in-depth information, zoom in on picture of data sheet.

Manufacturer Linkbasic

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