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Linkbasic Network Cabinet 27U Mounting Rail (2 pack)

Linkbasic Network Cabinet 27U Mounting Rail (2 pack)

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Two pack: Consists of two 27U Mounting rails. 

LinkBasic's CAB-MR27 is a 27U (1.2m) long, steel mounting rail that can be used in either the CAB-27U or CAB-27U1M.
It is used to mount shelves, switches or other rack-mountable items/devices.

Or can be used to make your own custom network rack.

The rail is marked at every U-height in ascending order of U-height from both the bottom and top, so it can be used on either side of the cabinet and still have the correct marking in the correct place on the rail.


Colour: Grey
Material: Cold-rolled steel

For more in-depth information, zoom in on picture of data sheet.

This product comes with 2 rails (one for the left hand side and the other for the right hand side)


What's in the box
2 x Linkbasic: Network Cabinet 27U Mounting Rail

Manufacturer Linkbasic

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