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Pure Sine Inverter 850VA - 12V

Pure Sine Inverter 850VA - 12V

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Pure Sine Inverter, 850VA - 12V

This Inverter is rated 850VA (which is approximately equivalent to 600W)
Should only be used with 12V Battery (Not Included)
Outputs 220V AC
This is a Pure Sine Inverter.

Suitable for a small office or homeroom that has light to moderate electrical requirements. The inverter is rated up to 850VA which is roughly equivalent to 600W.

What is a Pure Sine Inverter?

A Pure Sine Inverter Transforms Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).
The battery (Not included) acts as a reservoir ensuring continuous supply when utility (Eskom) power is not available.

Why insist on a Pure Sine inverter?

Pure Sine Wave Inverters are Preferred for Many Electronics
Pure sine wave output is generally needed for newer LED TVs, CFL light bulbs, and inductive loads like brushless motors. Clocks and audio equipment will behave much better on a pure sine wave.

This inverter does NOT include a battery and must be used with one or two 12V batteries - (placed in parallel to maintain 12V) Two 12V batteries will increase its backup time (Thus providing longer backup power during load shedding) However using two 12V batteries will increase the charge time required to charge the batteries.)

This inverter does NOT come with a battery, but is compatible with:

12V High (or Deep) cycle lead calcium acid battery: (Recommended for light use of an inverter. Most regular 12V high-cycle lead-calcium batteries have a life span of approximately 150 to 200 charge cycles, after which they witch the battery will need to be replaced.

12V AGM Battery:

AGM batteries are more robust and better suited to inverters and load-shedding strains, however, will still need to be replaced from time to time.

12V Gel batteries

This Inverter is Not compatible with Lithium-ion batteries

Rear Panel:

1 X Standard South African 3-prong plug socket. (Plug the products you want to power into this socket)
1 X Positive lead with lug Red (take to 12V battery - NOT included)
1 X Negative lead with lug Black (take to 12V battery - NOT included)
1 X Manual bypass Switch
1 X Cooling Fan
1 X Power cord (Plug into 220V power source - used to charge the battery)

Front Panel:

LED display: Show various operations, and information.


2 Spare Fuses are found stapled in a small bag in the included User Manual.


Charging Current:

9 +- 1A Normal Current
11 +- 1A Enhanced Current
13 +- 1A High Current

Charging Voltage:

14.40V +- 0.2V Boost Charging
13.70V +-0.2V Trickle Charging


Nominal Battery Voltage: 12V
Low Battery Cut Off: 10.5V +-0.2V

Output Voltage:

Output voltage at No Load: 220V +-7V
Output Frequencies: 50.0 Hz+- 1Hz
Output waveform: Pure Sine Wave

All specifications and words in this writing are superseded by words found on the product and enclosed user manual and are subject to change.
Adhere to all safety measures, precautions, warnings, and instructions found on the product and in the enclosed product user manual.

What's in the box

1 x Pure Sine Inverter, 850VA - 12V

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