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Scoop Fibre Flylead LC-LC UPC SM 1M

Scoop Fibre Flylead LC-LC UPC SM 1M

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Scoop's FF-LCLC-S1U, Single Mode fibre optic patch cord (Zipcord) is dual fibre, tight-buffered with Kevlar strength member and jacketed for indoor use where cable flexibility and ease of termination are important.
Best suited for use as uplink cables, cross connections, and desktop applications.
All patch cords are 100% factory tested to ensure performance to TIA/EIA-568-B-3 standards.


Cable Length: 1M
Connector: LC-LC UPC
Fibre Cores: 2
Jacket: PVC
Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 80℃
Strength Member: None
Mode: Single Mode

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