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Ubiquiti UniFi Express WiFi 6 Cloud Gateway | UX

Ubiquiti UniFi Express WiFi 6 Cloud Gateway | UX

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Ubiquiti's UX is a compact UniFi Cloud Gateway with an integrated WiFi 6 access point that runs UniFi Network. The integrated WiFi 6 access point delivers an aggregate data rate of 3Gbps over 5GHz (2x2 MU-MIMO) and 2.4GHz (2x2 MU-MIMO) bands. It features an LCM (Liquid Crystal Monitor) colour screen to display key system and connection information.

The UX is configured and managed with the pre-installed UniFi Network Application or via the mobile UniFi app.

xNote: When running as a gateway and AP, the UX is limited to managing only 4 other UniFi devices. It does not support IPS/IDS.

IMPORTANT: This product Cloud Gateway can only manage up to 4 other UniFi devices. Therefore if you have a network with more than 4 other UniFi devices and you want to manage them with this device, then this is not the correct product for you, may consider Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Router Dual Band WiFi 6 Desktop Router | UDR or similar,

Manufacturer Ubiquiti
Manufacturer Product Code UX

Antenna Gain: 2.4GHz: 4dBi ; 5.8GHz: 5.15dBi
Beam-width: 360
Data Rate: 2.4GHz: 573Mbps ; 5.8GHz: 2.4Gbps
Ethernet Ports: 1x 10/100/1000 (WAN); 1x 10/100/1000 (LAN)
Hardware Button: Reset
Max. Power Consumption: 10W
Mounting: Desktop
Operating System: UniFi
Operating Temperature: -10 C to 45 C
PoE Input: None
PoE Output: None
Power Input: USB Type C (Included)
Serial Interface: None
SIM Slots: None
Supported Voltage Range: 5V 3A
USB Ports: USB Type C (Powering device only)

Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 30 mm
Weight: 302g

Zoom in on picture of datasheet for more in-depth specifications.

Blog on product:

UniFi Express (UX)
The UX is the entry level, UniFi OS gateway console but is limited to the UniFi Network Application. This differs from the rest of their console range which generally support other applications such as UniFi Protect. It features a single WAN port with a built-in WiFi 6 access point and LCM display making it an excellent all-in-one solution. It is able to route up to Gigabit speeds and provides almost all of the great features you would expect from a UniFi gateway with the exception of intrusion prevention and Intrusion detection systems (IPS/IDS).

This product is designed with home users in mind and is the easiest way to deploy a full UniFi network stack on a single device. If further expansion is required, it can manage up to 4 additional UniFi network devices and up to 60 clients.
Unlike the other gateway consoles it also features a mesh mode which allows you to use this device as a mesh access point on an existing UniFi network. If you outgrow this console and have to upgrade, it can be easily repurposed inside your network as a mesh access point.

The compact design and versatility do however come with a trade off. Running UniFi OS onboard consumes additional CPU resources which ultimately affects the speed of boot up times and configuration changes. Using features which are more resource heavy such as VPN and Smart Queues would also be negatively impacted due to this limitation. Although this product is scalable for additional hardware and users, it will further bog down its processing capabilities. Its compact size and cloud-based approach make it perfect for homes and very small offices where only the basic features are required. Users can enjoy effortless setup and basic network control without needing additional hardware.

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1 x Ubiquiti UniFi Express WiFi 6 Cloud Gateway | UX

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