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UPS / Inverter LARGE Metal Box Trolley For 2 x 12 V 200Ah GEL Battery

UPS / Inverter LARGE Metal Box Trolley For 2 x 12 V 200Ah GEL Battery

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Large double battery trolley (for 2 x 200ah batteries)

Large: Metal box trolley designed to house: 2 x 12 V 200Ah/10HR GEL batteries inside the box, and an Inverter on top of the box.
This product is just the metal box trolley housing with 4 metal castor wheels and does not include the batteries or the inverter.

Approximate inside box dimensions:

Length: 53cm
Width: 53cm
Height: 28cm
Height with caster wheals: 36cm


The metal box trolley unscrews to allow easy access to place the up to 2 x 12 V 200Ah/10HR GEL batteries (not included) or similar
There are 2 punched holes with rubber grommets on the top of the box designed for the inter-connector cable between the inverter (not included) and 12V batteries, (not included)
Comes with 4 x Metal Castor Wheel, Swivel, Heavy Duty, Thermoplastic. Which allows for easy moving of the box/trolley.
There are 10 punched slots on the base of the box which allows straps (not included) to be fitted to securely hold the batteries in place (not included.)

This Product Is Only The Metal Box Trolley And 4 Castor Wheels.

The box is suitable to house up to two standard sized 12 V 200Ah/10HR GEL batteries Please check the dimensions of the box vs your batteries to ensure that your batteries will fit before purchase.

What's in the box

1 x Metal Box Trolley with 4 Castors.

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